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About Stasys Zirgulis

Stasys Žirgulis, b.10 06 1944 in Radviliškis. Professor of sculpture. In 1974, graduated from the State Art Institute (Now, Vilnius Art Academy), Sculpture Faculty. Since 1975, he participates in exhibitions. He is a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Association. since 1978. From 1975 until 1983, he headed the metal-crafting section at the Dailė— Applied Art Workshops in Kaunas. From 1983 to 1987, he was in the leadership of the Kaunas section of the Lithuanian Artists' Association. Since 1988, Žirgulis teaches drawing, sculpture and composition at Kaunas Faculty of the Art Academy of Vilnius. For many years, the artitst was a member of the Kaunas Art Board and the National Art Board, the Lithuanian Art Fund, and the Board of the Lithuanian Artists' Association. He was elected chairman of the sculpture branch in the Kaunas section of the Lithuanian Artists' Association for two terms. For one term, he sat on the Art Experts Board at the Lithuanian Culture Ministry. Currently, he serves his third term on the Kaunas Municipal Board and is a member of the Municipal Culture Committee and various several Committee's too. Stasys Žirgulis dedicates a lot of his time and energy to fostering of arts, culture and sports in Kaunas and Lithuania. In 1999, the Second Class Medal of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas was conferred to Stasys Žirgulis to recognise his merits to Lithuanian culture. In 2004, he was decorated with the Knight Cross of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas. In 2007 he was awarded the Gold Badge of Lithuanian Artists' Association.

Retrospective of the work of sculptor Stasys Žirgulis
Major awards
  • 1978 – Diploma of the 2nd degree for metal plastics in the Republic exhibition of art business.
  • 1980 – 1st prize and medal for sculptures “Morning”, “Evening”, “Problem” in the quadrennial of Baltic sculpture in Riga.
  • 1981 – Letter of honour of the State Nature Protection Committee of the former USSR for attempts while furnishing the Museum of T.Ivanauskas.
  • 1981 – Letter of honour of the Aviation Sports Federation Presidium of the former LSSR for valuable artistic works-prizes.
  • 1985 – Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the former LSSR for sculptures “Dzūkija”, “Pilėnai” in the republic exhibition of fine arts in Kaunas.
  • 1987 – Prize of Kaunas radio factory Banga for the sculpture “Homeland” in the exhibition of fine arts in Kaunas.
  • 1988 – diploma for sculptures “Yung”, “Dialogue with Oneself”, “Echo of Epochs” in the quadrennial of Baltic sculpture in Riga.
  • 1999 – Medal of the 1st degree of the Grand Lithuanian Duke Gediminas Order for merits to Lithuania.
  • 2000 – Letter of gratitude of V. Landsbergis, Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, for the artistic contribution while commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Constituent Parliament.
  • 2004 – Knight’s Cross of Vytautas Magnus Order.
  • 2008 – Golden badge and prize of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union for the monument in memoriam of residence victims “Calmed Bell” in Alytus.

State stipend

  • 1999 – State stipend of the highest degree of the Republic of Lithuania.
Personal exhibitions
  • 1989 – gallery Arka, Vilnius.
  • 1990 – gallery Arka, Vilnius (along with V. Venckūnienė, R. Dalinkevičius).
  • 1992 – Kaunas Exhibition Centre.
  • 1993 – Ada Goosen gallery, Bilderdam, Holland.
  • 2003 – gallery Meno Niša, Vilnius (along with M. Levitan-Babenskienė).
  • 2004 – gallery Doxa, Česky Krumlov, Czech.
  • 2013 - La Capitale galerie, Paris, France.
Major group exhibitions
  • 1975 – Republic exhibition of art “Our Village”, Art Exhibition Centre, Vilnius.
  • 1975 – Exhibition of young Kaunas artists “Variations of Form and Content”, Artists Home, Kaunas.
  • 1976 – Republic exhibition of young painters, Art Exhibition Centre, Vilnius.
  • 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988 – quadrennial of Baltic sculpture, Riga, Latvia.
  • 1976, 1979, 1983, 1988, 1992 – exhibition of fine arts of Kaunas artists, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
  • 1979 – 1st exhibition of fine arts of young Baltic painters “Youth”, Art Exhibition Centre, Vilnius.
  • 1982 – “Kaunas Sculptors – to Kaunas”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
  • 1983 – 1st republic exhibition of sculpture, Art Exhibition Centre, Vilnius.
  • 1984 – Union exhibition “Earth and Man”, Central artists home, Moscow, Russia.
  • 1985 – Exhibition of Kaunas artists, Latvian Art Museum, Riga.
  • 1985, 1988 – Republic exhibition of fine arts, Art Exhibition Centre, Vilnius.
  • 1985 – Exhibition of ten Lithuanian sculptors, Koln, Germany.
  • 1987 – Exhibition of Kaunas sculptors, Tartu, Estonia.
  • 1987 – Exhibition of Lithuanian fine arts, Central artists’ home, Moscow, Russia.
  • 1989 – Exhibition of Lithuanian painters, Pavia, Italia.
  • 1993 – Exhibition of Kaunas painters, Porv, Finland.
  • 1994 – Exhibition of individualists, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.
  • 2000 – Exhibition of sculpture, yard of Presidential Palace of RL, Vilnius.
  • 2000 – Exhibition of lead symposium participants, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas.
  • 2001 – Exhibition of sculpture, yard of Presidential Palace of RL, Vilnius.
  • 2002 – Exhibition of sculpture, Medals gallery, Vilnius
  • 2002 – Republic exhibition of fine arts “Collection 2002”, Art gallery, Šiauliai.
  • 2003 – Republic exhibition of portraits, gallery Arka, Vilnius.
  • 2004 – “The Best Artwork of the Year”“, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
  • 2004, 2005 – Festival of snow sculptures, Sapporo, Japan.
  • 2005 – “Art + Art of Communication. Sculpture”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
  • 2005 – “Laisvės Alley = Sculpture Gallery”, Kaunas.
  • 2006 – Exhibition of Kaunas artists, Tartu, Estonia.
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